Protect our Water

Lake waves at sunsetThink of all the things that we do with water: drinking, swimming, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, etc. When the water is polluted we cannot use this water as a resource.

More Information

Lincoln Township is within the St. Joseph River Watershed. Visit Friends of the St. Joe River Association's website to learn more about this watershed and on-going efforts to reduce water pollution.

Find and download educational materials about water quality issues (fact sheets, presentations, news articles, etc).

For more information, visit Southwest Michigan Planning Commission's website or contact them with the information listed below.

Hickory Creek

A cold water trout stream runs through the Township. Learn more about Hickory Creek and how you can become involved to help protect and improve this creek.

How & What

Southwest Michigan Planning Commission

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Suite 130
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Phone: 269-925-1137
Fax: 269-925-0288

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