The Department of Building Safety is responsible for the enforcement of all codes, laws, and ordinances for the township relating to building, wiring, heating, plumbing, and cooling.

The office issues all permits for building and construction, conducting inspections by registered inspectors to ensure sound work.

All plans are reviewed by the office before permits are issued. Township building employees meet with builders, architects, and fire inspectors prior to the start of a large construction project to reiterate township ordinances and codes.

Codes Adopted by Lincoln Charter Township

  • Michigan Building Code - MBC 2015
  • Michigan Building Code 2015 - Chapter 11
  • Michigan Uniform Energy Code - 2015
  • Accessible and Usable Code - ICC A117.1- 2017
  • International Fire Code- 2015
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code - 2015
  • International Property Maintenance Code - 2015
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings - 2015
  • Michigan Plumbing Code - MPC 2015
  • Michigan Mechanical Code - MMC 2015
  • Michigan Electrical Code (incorporating the NEC 2017 and Michigan Part 8 amendments)
  • Michigan Residential Code - MRC 2015

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