Assessor's Office

The Assessing Department is responsible for the inventory of all property within Lincoln Charter Township, including the Village of Stevensville, and the valuation of all its taxable property. We maintain records of current ownership, assessed and taxable values, property characteristics, and market data. Record Card copies are available upon request for a small fee. This office follows the requirements of the General Property Tax Act of the State of Michigan.

Assessor's Office Accessibility Policy

Assessor's Office Policy on Inspection of Records

Annual Property Inspection Program

The Michigan State Tax Commission requires the assessor to review 20% of Lincoln Township's property records each year. The Assessor will be canvassing residential neighborhoods in Lincoln Township from April through October reviewing and updating property records, including measuring and photographing the exterior of structures only. The Assessor will be in a marked vehicle and have a Lincoln Township identification badge. If you have any questions, please call the Assessing Department at (269) 429-1589 x103.

How Your Assessed Value Is Determined

Annually the State of Michigan requires assessors to perform property sales analysis to determine the market value of all properties in the township. The assessed value of your property is 50% of the calculated market value of your property. Below are links to the analysis that was performed to determine the current year assessed values for all properties in Lincoln Charter Township. I encourage you to review this analysis and feel free to contact the assessor's office is you have any questions on how your assessment was determined.

View Lincoln Township Residential Sales and Interactive ECF and Land Analysis Map.

State Tax Commission Announces Inflation Rate Multiplier for 2024

The inflation rate multiplier to be applied to the 2023 Taxable value of all property in the State of Michigan, is 5%. See STC Bulletin 16 of 2023 or visit the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to find out more about the CPI and how it affects your taxes.

How to Make a Name Change to Your Tax Bill

As your Township government, it is our job to assure that each property owner is correctly identified on the tax rolls. The owner of the property is the name that would appear on the most recently recorded deed at the Berrien County Register of Deeds office. Owner names are not changed unless we have a legal document recorded by the Register of Deeds office that shows a change in name or ownership has occurred such as a Warranty Deed, Quit Claim deed, Land contract or other pertinent legal document. When sufficient proof is provided to the office, we will make that correction to ensure that the mailings are timely received by the owner/taxpayer.

Online Property & Tax Data Search 

Search for assessing, tax bill and water bill information on properties located in Lincoln Charter Township including the Village of Stevensville.

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Disabled Veteran Exemption

Thank you to all veterans who have served our country. We can never thank you enough for the service and sacrifice you and your families have made to protect our nation. In 2013, the Michigan legislature approved the disabled veteran exemption for those veterans who are determined to be 100% disabled or 100% unemployable by the VA. Please reach out to the assessing office if you think you may qualify or would like further information on this property exemption. Download the application for the Disabled Veteran Exemption.