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Phone: 269-429-1589

Fax: 269-429-0880


Business hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Monday through Friday)

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Department Telephone Extensions

Your elected Officials:

Supervisor – Dick Stauffer, Ext. 104#
Treasurer – Terrie Smith, Ext. 112#
Clerk – Stacy Loar-Porter, Ext. 108#

To schedule an inspection

Jacquline Ross, Building and Trade Permits
Ext. 107#

Julie Amicarelli, Rental Inspections and Business Licenses
Ext. 100#

Property tax bills and questions

Treasurer, Ext. 112#
Deputy Treasurer, Ext. 101#

Cemetery lot purchases or to schedule a burial

Stacy Loar-Porter, Ext. 108#                                                                           Alisa Beilman, Ext. 102#

Accounting or HR questions

Jen Koeppe, Ext.  111#

Zoning or Planning, and building permit questions

Jim Pheifer, ICC Certified Building Official, Ext. 105#
Jacquline Ross, Building Administrative Assistant Ext. 107#

Voter registration or election questions

Alisa Beilman Ext. 102#
Julie Amicarelli Ext. 100#

Streetlight outages or general questions

 Ext. 102#

Property Valuations

John Baumann, Ext. 103#

This includes SEV, AV & Taxable Value, Principal Residence Exemptions, sales and/or transfers of property, Business Personal Property, mailing address changes.

Email Contacts

Your Elected Officials:

Dick Stauffer, Supervisor —
Terrie Smith, Treasurer —
Stacy Loar-Porter, Clerk —

Clerk Department:

Jen Koeppe, Accounting Clerk —
Julie Amicarelli, Voter Registration —                      Alisa Beilman, Deputy Clerk

Treasurer Department:

Michele Blanhik, Deputy Treasurer —

Assessing Department:

John Baumann, MAAO  Assessor —