To Check your Voter Status and Precinct location visit, the State of Michigan SOS

Next Election Date

Presidential Primary

Date: February 27, 2024

Election Day Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm.

Early Voting Canvass Notice

Early Voting Information

Early Voting for the February 27 election will take place February 17-25, 2024

Early Absent Voter Ballot Processing Notice

Absent Voter Preprocessing Notice

Precinct Locations

Click on the View Map link under each Precinct. Sample Ballots are available for each precinct by clicking on the link.

Precinct Map


2024 Precinct Map


Precinct Number 1

Lincoln Township Municipal Building
2055 W John Beers Road

(View Precinct 1 Map)

PCT 1 Republican Party Ballot

PCT 1 Democratic Party Ballot

Precinct Number 2

The Chapel
4250 Washington Ave

(View Precinct 2 Map)

PCT 2 Republican Party Ballot

PCT 2 Democratic Party Ballot

Precinct Number 3

Lakeshore Christian Church
5565 Washington Ave

(View Precinct 3 Map)

PCT 3 Republican Party Ballot

PCT 3 Democratic Party Ballot

Precinct Number 4

Lincoln Township Fire Station
2130 W John Beers Road

(View Precinct 4 Map)

 PCT 4 Republican Party Ballot

PCT 4 Democratic Party Ballot

Precinct Number 5

Berrien County Baptist Church
5940 Saint Joseph Ave

(View Precinct 5 Map)

 PCT 5 Republican Party Ballot

PCT 5 Democratic Party Ballot

How to Become an Election Worker

To become an election worker, please complete the application (PDF) and email the deputy clerk.

For more information on what is involved in being an election worker, please call our office at 269-429-1589, ext. 102.