Volunteer Corps

Welcome to the Lincoln Charter Township Volunteer Corps

We are looking for volunteers to help perform community projects within Lincoln Township.  Some potential projects include:

  • Paint fire hydrants within the township
  • Road clean-up along township roads and I-94
  • Township park improvements
  • Brush clean-up along creeks and streams
  • Math and reading tutoring of students 

Next Project: 

EXIT 23 Clean up

The following Saturdays: 

April 22, July 22 and September 30, 2017


Meet at township hall at 8:00 am on April 22, July 22 & September 30


There will be a short meeting and distribution of safety vests. Please wear long pants, gloves, hat, leather shoes and sunblock.


To volunteer your time for planting or landscape maintenance, call or stop by the Lincoln Township offices and provide your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address and we will contact you to schedule a time to help. Volunteers must be 12 years old or older to participate.


For those residents wishing to volunteer for this project, please review the two links below.

Volunteer Release Waiver

Project Process Sheet

Please print out a copy of the Release Waiver, complete in full, and drop it by the Township Municipal Building during normal business hours.
IMPORTANT:  All volunteers are required to sign a "release and waiver" before participating in any project.

For more information, please contact Glenn Youngstedt at 269-861-0596.


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